Choose and buy new luxury house in the best Miami communities

Working directly with the best Miami developers we offer you big variety of houses in the most comfortable communities. We work with every client individually and find the best variants counting his preferences, budget and desired style of life.

We never try to sell you the most expensive variant – we try to motivate you to buy such house in Miami that will be the best choice exactly in your situation. So our main aim – to be sure you’ve got what you really wanted.

The best Miami community: what does it offer?

We’ll give just a few examples of the best communities in Miami with new luxury houses for sale – to show opportunities if you decide to buy new home there.

In reality, we have much more listings – so you can choose the developer and project you like more.

Lotus Palm

  • Premier Boca Raton location
  • High-end new homes in a contemporary style
  • Easy access to all the top-notch shopping, dining, entertainment, highly-rated schools, golf fields, beaches and parks

Kingfisher Reserve

  • Highly desirable Cooper City. It is just about 15 miles from Downtown Fort Lauderdale and 27 miles from Downtown Miami
  • Big amount of shops and restaurants near. And a lot of green zones to relax and walk. Close to the water
  • Easy access to major transportation, air and sea ports

Oak Tree

  • Gated community in Oakland Park, just in few minutes from Downtown Fort Lauderdale
  • All inner infrastructure: swimming pools, dog parks, recreation zones, fitness center etc.
  • Close to all needed infrastructure

Valencia Walk at Riverland

  • Houses for sale in this Miami community are located in very close proximity to Riverland’s Arts & Culture Center, Paseo Park and Town Center
  • Inside the community – common garden, art and cooking studios, sport zones, luxury shops, business spaces etc.

Are you interested in some other community? So call or write us and tell about your preferences – and we’ll find the best variant of the house for you to buy in Miami.

New luxury houses for sale in Miami communities: 5 reasons to buy

  1. Perfect Location. All Miami communities we offer are close to “civilization”. Near – a lot of shops, restaurants, clinics, business centers, schools, cultural places, parks. Good access to the transport.
  2. Comfort. It’s not only about location. All new luxury houses in Miami communities we offer are fully renovated, equipped by the best basic stuff and ready to live in.
  3. Peace and Relax. Choice to buy house in Miami community allows you to combine city living and suburban comfort. Being close to all needed benefits of civilization, you’ll get also silence, clean air and proximity to nature.
  4. Freedom. Do what you wish. You have your own yard and neighbors who have the same preferences about living as you. And you have all needed inner infrastructure: fitness center, swimming pools, common green zones, business spaces, shops and restaurants etc.
  5. Value. To buy house in Miami community is a good opportunity both for living and investment. Luxury style of life will never go out fashion and lose its attractiveness. And review of priorities in the last couple of years and desire to live closer to the nature will only raise prices for such houses.

So how to choose the best house to buy in Miami community? Call us and trust our experienced realtors. Who know what to ask and what to check to find the ideal home for you.