Buy real estate for Crypto
Which objects in Miami can be paid with bitcoin right now

How to buy real estate in Miami for Bitcoin

Crypto commerce and blockchain are being actively introduced into everyday life. Transactions of this format are safe and legal, free from paperwork.

The first transaction was held back in 2018, for $ 6 million. Currently, even the coolest project under construction in Miami, the Waldorf Astoria accepts Bitcoin.

Our advantages:

  • Remote purchase without coming to Miami.
  • Payment of the deposit by card of any bank.
  • The best apartments, houses and apartments.

How does the purchase process work?

  1. Search and select an object.
  2. Drafting and signing of a contract for the purchase of a real estate object.
  3. Opening an account on the FTX exchange.
  4. Filling out the KYC (Know Your Customer) form

What is KYC Verification?

Know Your Customer or KYC is the process of establishing and confirming the identity of the customer by the company. KYC helps to combat the financing of terrorist organizations, money laundering or the use of a personal account for selfish purposes

  1. Transfer funds from your wallet to the FTX exchange wallet. The conversion of funds into $ (USDT) takes place at the same moment as the Bitcoins are received. After that, the exchange informs the developer that funds from the client are on their escrow account.
  2. Next, the contract for the purchase of real estate comes into force and the standard process of acquiring real estate in Florida begins.

Which objects in Miami can be paid with bitcoin right now

Waldorf Astoria:
300 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
4 Sale; $4,476,000 - $9,174,000; 2024; 100 floors; 400 flats.

11EVEN Hotel & Residences:
20 NE 11 St Miami FL 33132
2024; 65 floors; 400 flats.

Arte by Antonio Citterio:
8955 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33154
2 Sale; $20,000,000 - $25,800,000; 2020; 12 floors; 16 flats.

The Crosby Miami Worldcenter:
640 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136
For Sale/Apartment FROM THE DEVELOPER:
1;1;600 ft2; 56m2; $400,000; MO-77402
2;2;825 ft2; 77m2; $600,000; MO-77404

Upon request, our company can help to buy real estate in Miami and in other projects, as well as in the secondary market and commercial facilities.

Investing in Miami Real Estate Paying with BitCoin

Personal offer for investors

  • Exclusive real estate from $300,000
  • Annual return on investments is up to 10%
  • The first installment is from 10%

Miami's economy is developing dynamically and it is the second fastest growing territory in America. Tourism, logistics and financial services are strong economic factors, getting ahead only of construction. Miami is also becoming a major production center of television programs and music recording and the largest Spanish-language production center of media products in the United States.

Miami has more foreign banks than any other major city, as well as more than 1,400 Latin American corporations. According to FDI intelligence, Miami ranks 9th in the main American cities of the future and 3rd in the foreign direct investment strategy. Miami's export trade exceeds $33 billion.

The average population of Greater Miami will grow by 1.2%, which will require appropriate conditions for doing business and real estate supplies. Employment is expected to grow by 1.7%, while the unemployment rate in June 2018 was only 3.8%. GDP continues to grow, the forecast for 2018 is 2.2%, while GDP growth in 2017 will be 2.7%. (CBRE Residential Living 2017) and UBS ranked Miami 4th in the world in purchasing power. "The Next Miami" puts the city on the 11th place in the ranking of American producers of urban GDP.

Five Reasons to Invest in Miami Real Estate:

  • the country's steadily growing economy and reliable currency;
  • the possibility of mortgage lending for foreigners;
  • Miami's ever-growing investment appeal;
  • a large selection of real estate objects for every taste and budget;
  • the possibility of confidential investment through trusts.

The rental business is profitable for both small companies and individual investors.

Key market parameters:

  • In 2019, Florida house prices increased by an average of 4.1%;
  • the average cost of housing in 2019 was approximately $238.6 thousands;
  • in the Florida market, the median price of any home is about $294,900, and the median sale price is about $227,500;
  • approximately 16.5% of the properties put up for sale lose value during the listing;
  • in Florida, the period of exposure (from the placement of a sale offer to the confirmation of the transaction) of objects is on average 83 days.

Monthly with the traditional delivery of objects, you can earn an average of $ 2,331, through Airbnb – $ 3,439. Over the past 10 years, real estate in Miami has risen in price by 52.63%. This corresponds to an average annual rate of 4.32%.

We offer our clients:

  • Consultations on various issues for individuals and legal entities
  • Immigration through Real Estate Investment
  • Search for real estate by certain parameters
  • Purchase, sale, lease of residential and commercial real estate
  • Comprehensive support on purchase, mortgage, insurance
  • After-sale service
  • Support, management and control at all stages of the purchase
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