Houses for rent in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a quite small city with 100,000 constant residents only. But in reality it’s very far from a calm dormitory place. This is a city of art and education: with several universities and colleges, a lot of public and private schools, art areas, garrelies and festivals. So if you’re looking for a house for rent - Boca Raton is a really good choice for part-time living.

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Rent a house in Boca Raton: why is it a good idea?

Rising prices. If you want to find a good variant with an attractive price - hurry up: cost of the rent is rising day by day. Boca Raton is a business center with a high-educated community and good educational institutions. So more and more people want to move here and mostly looking for part-time rent at least for some time, planning to buy some house or condo over time.

Privacy and safety. Choosing a house for rent in Boca Raton, you choose a calm private life from one side and opportunity at any moment to dive into the whirlpool of social activities from another. Yes, you won’t have the same amount of services as in a residential complex. But on the other hand you can relax in your private yard and not worry about noize. And what about safety? You’ll get it in any case: Boca Raton is one of the safest areas in Miami. And in the last few years the crime rate has become lower and lower. 

Comfort. In a wide sense: from different services, good transport connection and location till high quality of the real estate offers. Boca Raton is only 72 km from Miami. There is a local airport in the city and 3 more outside, not far away. Also there are buses, trains and really good highways. 

There are 45 public parks in Boca Raton, several tennis courts, 2 golf fields, an art gallery, a shopping mall, high-end restaurants, 5 miles of white sand beaches and a lot of other services. Besides it there is an art festival, a lot of political, social, business programs that inspire people to come and stay here.

How to rent a really good house in Boca Raton?

Just to call and tell us about your preferences: desired price, size of the house, area etc. We’ll find the best variant for the short or long-term rent, taking in account exactly your individual conditions.