New Development in Boca Raton

Boca Raton has had a status of the city since 1925. Now it’s population is above 100 000. But in reality there are even more people every day, because Boca Raton is a big business center with its own government, offers and programs for investors and entrepreneurs, a lot of services and opportunities for rest, work and entertainment.  

Why buy a condo, house or apartments in Boca Raton?

Location. Boca Raton is 72 km north of Miami. It borders Pompano Beach from the northern side and West Palm Beach – from the south. Located at the northern tip of Miami Beach, this Luxury area has two big national parks from the west and the endless Atlantic Ocean from the east.

Infrastructure. This warm city offers a lot of opportunities for those who chose it for life - constantly or only occasionally. Boca Raton is home for the main campus of Florida Atlantic University. There are two more universities and two colleges, a lot of private and public schools, and two alternative schools. 

There are good opportunities for the rest also: several big parks in the city and near it, clean beaches, big supermarkets and shopping center, amusement park, several museums. high-quality restaurants, golf fields. 

Boca Raton has a stable and various cultural communities. The cultural calendar is well populated throughout the year; from the main event - the Festival of the Arts BOCA, till presentations of artworks in public parks.

Opportunities. During all the year there are a lot of different programs: for the rest, getting knowledges, helping. People, who live in Boca Raton, can participate in the art, social, cultural, political life of the city. Moreover, during the whole year the city attracts a large number of tourists, businessmen and workers - so  real estate is always in demand here.

Transport. There are several international commercial airports 13-25 km from the city and one public airport in Boca Raton. Also there are two ports and a well-developed system of public transport. Well thought out road network allows to go by car to all neighboring regions and cities. 

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