TOP-8 Best Schools in Miami, Florida

Florida private schools

An excellent school education is the first step towards a bright, rich, interesting life filled with everyday achievements and discoveries. After completing a course of study in one of the eight best private schools in Florida, graduates easily enter prestigious universities in Europe and the USA. The level of education in schools is guaranteed to be high.

Florida is an amazing region with a mild climate and beautiful nature, where life is easy and comfortable. This is why its people love their state. The school system here has important features and differs from what other states offer. The duration of the school course has been increased by one year, so students study not for 11, but for 12 years. For senior classes, advanced programs have been developed - Advanced Placement (AP). They’re designed to prepare for entering the university, so the amount of knowledge in specialized subjects corresponds to the first year of the university.

1. American Heritage School

The boarding school is excellently organized for living, studying, as well as playing sports. It has two branches, one of which is located in Plantanion, the other – in Delray Beach. Both cities are located near Miami – half an hour and an hour away, respectively. The school accepts children not only from America, but also from other countries. From the age of 11 they enter the middle school (Middle School), grades 6 to 8. High School runs from 9th to 12th grade.

The most famous and most prestigious school in Florida provides excellent training in mathematics and science subjects. High school students improve in one of the professional areas, including medicine, computer science, law and others. For many years, the school has been ranked 1st in terms of the number of National Merit Scholarships.

2. Windermere Preparatory School

The boarding school is one of the well-known educational institutions in the country and abroad for preparing for studying at a university. Its great advantage is membership in the Meritas family group, an international organization that includes elite schools in America and Europe.

Each student is guaranteed a personal and specialized approach to learning, which leads to the highest flowering of the student’s potential. The professionalism of teachers, as well as a perfect set of advanced tools in the field of education, ensures the study effectiveness. In addition to school subjects, students are engaged in creativity, develop and maintain physical fitness, participate in extracurricular activities and social life events.

3. Montverde Academy

The school is famous for its long history and glorious traditions. Her profile is extended academic programs, as well as advanced physical education and sports.

The school has developed more than 30 complicated programs (Advanced Placement level) in various subjects. Students specialize in any field of knowledge – from music theory or linguistics to computer technology and natural sciences. Programs include seminars and lectures with guest speakers, as well as internships in USA and abroad.

Each student is guaranteed assistance in choosing a higher educational institution, when applying and processing documents.

4. Saint John Paul II Academy

The school was opened in 1980 and was named after Pope John Paul II. Today, over 400 students study here.

The school program includes 39 subjects. Students choose the level that they can. For those who’re aimed at in-depth development, special STEM courses are offered – in the field of engineering, physics, mathematics, programming. Final grades in 12 subjects are accepted at number of universities such as Lynn University and St.Thomas University.

A very advanced journalism program has been developed for the humanities. Students train in TV production in a professionally equipped media studio.

98% of graduates not only enter universities, but also receive scholarships.

5. IMG Academy

The school has existed for over 30 years and specializes in training professional athletes. Students not only improve their sports skills, but also develop in a complex way. The educational institution sees its task in ensuring that future great athletes develop harmoniously, broadening their horizons and improving as a person.

School graduates have repeatedly won the Olympics and other international competitions. Among them are famous tennis players – Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova, football player Cam Newton, basketball player Josh Green and others.

6. North Broward Preparatory School

The boarding school was founded in the middle of the last century and is located in Cocanut Creek, Florida. During this time, it has gained a reputation as an institution where talented teachers give all their strength to the comprehensive development of students, educating in them both the desire for success and personal growth, and civic responsibility.

Foreign students study basic subjects, including English. They have the opportunity to play sports, music, creative disciplines. If the student's abilities exceed the standard level, he is assisted by a special department – Light House Point Academy. It works on the principle of "school within a school".

A landscaped area, where there are even fountains, is one of the advantages of the school. There are also picturesque lakes, on the banks of which it is so pleasant to relax, take a jog or do exercises.

Studying is the most important, but not the only area of application of the forces of students. They take part in extracurricular activities, actively socialize, which helps with subsequent admission to the university.

7. Saint Andrews School

In the Boca Raton, which is located just 10 km from the Atlantic coast, the St. Andrews school is located. For students there are the best conditions for education, creative development, as well as improving physical performance.

The school teaches not only basic subjects, but has 24 advanced programs (Advanced Placement). There are also academic courses IB - International Baccalaureate. With such a store of knowledge, school graduates are gladly accepted by the best universities in the country.

8. Pine Crest School

The school campuses are located in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. Pine Crest School opened in 1934 and offers education to children and teenagers 4-18 years old, from the pre-kindergarten level to the 12th grade of the school. At the moment, about 2,700 students study in both campuses.

School teachers care about the all-round development of children, and therefore, in addition to the general education program, they conduct classes on critical thinking, creativity, technology, communication and collaboration.

The main task of the school board is to develop in children and teenagers the imagination, curiosity, desire to learn, the ability to think independently and cope with everyday life's difficulties. As well as adaptability, empathy and understanding of how real life works.

In the 2020 Jay Mathews Challenge ranked the Pine Crest School first in its district. Newsweek's The Top STEM High Schools 2020 ranked Pine Crest School first in Florida, seventh nationally in the private school category, and 19th overall in the USA.

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