Condos and apartments for rent on Fisher Island

In 2018 Fisher Island in Miami Beach was announced as the wealthiest zip code in USA according to Bloomberg analysis. This exclusive, ultra-luxury and high-safety community is one of the few world places where you can stay in full isolation from the mainland and have good transport connection with it, all needing high-end services at the same time. 

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Why is it so popular to rent condos and apartments on Fisher Island?

Real estate here is one of the most expensive in the USA. Why? Because there are only 800 residences on 216 acre and it won’t be more. And only 30% of residents live here constantly. So residents mostly use Fisher Island as a second or even third home. 

The territory is closed and limited. So not everybody can come here - if you want to visit this part of Miami, you should get the invitation from one of the residents. 

So in general it means that there are a lot of people who want to rent condos and apartments on Fisher Island any time of the year. It can be rich people who just want to have a good rest and value safety and privacy. It can be tax law refugees from other states - f.e. NY and NJ. It can be guests of these rich people. 

And finally we still have only these 800 residences. But supply stays higher and higher. Especially nowadays, after pandemy, when people want to have more privacy combined with high services and good location. 

So it means only one thing: if you want to find condos or apartments for rent on Fisher Island - it’s better to do it now. Without waiting for a further decline in supply and price increases.

How can we help you?

We can find for you the best condos and apartments for rent on Fisher Island. No, it doesn’t mean ‘’the most expensive’’. It mens at first we know all your preferences, desires and budget and after - find a variant that really suits you. Mondial Realty offers full support: from getting the best listing for you till getting invitation to come to the Island and signing the contract for rent.