Fisher Island apartments in condos for sale and rent

Fisher Island is a closed community located in Miami-Dade County. Since 2015 the community has the highest middle income for a person (per capita income) compared with any other place in the USA - about $2.5 millions. The community is named for beach real estate developer Carl G. Fisher, who once owned this island. Being mostly a family-owned island, it was sold for development in the middle of the last century. It was vacant for over 15 years before several rich families began to develop it as a very limited and restrictive closed community.

Nowadays residents of Fisher Island hail from more than 40 different countries. And about 30% of them never leave the community. To live here is really safe - there are no reported/recorded crimes.

Condos in Fisher Island / fresh offers

Why buy a condo, house or apartments on Fisher Island?

Location. Fisher Island is located less than 2 miles from Downtown Miami and South Beach. There is no road connecting the island, so it is possible to get to the mainland only by helicopter, private or public boats.

Infrastructure. However the island size is only 216 acres, the place has everything needed for comfortable life. Beginning from 7 restaurants and Island Mall, golf fields and courts for tennis and pickleball, and ending the famous Fisher Island Club with closed territory, special opportunities and privileges for its members. 

The community has its own UHealth Medical Clinic, eighth grade school (pre-K), car wash, post office, dog park and playground.

Transport. The main transport here is golf carts. There are only 20 minutes (12 miles) needed to come to the Miami International Airport. 

However there are about 100 private boats in the local marina, you don’t need to have your own to go to Miami. There are 4 ferry boats for cars and passengers that work 24 hours every day. It takes only 7 minutes to get to the South Beach. Ferry boats leave every 10-15 minutes. 

Apartments, condo, houses for sale. There are only 800 residences on the island. The territory is limited, so the price of the houses and flats is really high. Now the community will have 12 new single-family homes. Each mansion will have about 10 000 sq.ft with total price $33 million for the house ($3 300 per sq.ft.). Potentially it will be the most expensive offer on the island. But it is possible to understand the price if to know - these houses will be the final new constructions of such type in the community.

There are not so many available offers on Fisher Island. But we picked up the best variants to offer it for you. Use the opportunity to live in one of the richest communities of the USA or make really prospective investitions - buy or rent a house, apartments or condo here. Counting your desires and conditions we choose the best variant especially for you.