Condos and apartments for sale on Fisher Island

The most famous fact about Fisher Island is its rich background: the middle income for a resident here is the highest than in any other place of the USA. This closed community is located in Miami-Dade County, less than 2 miles from Downtown Miami and South Beach. It is small, but extremely safe and comfortable for all-year living. So to buy a condo or apartments on Fisher Island is a really good choice - for life or just investments. Even though it has one of the highest prices in the country.

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4 main advantages of Fisher Island to buy a condo or apartments

Infrastructure. The size of the island is only 216 acres. But you can find everything you need for a carefree and calm life here: luxury restaurants, shopping mall, golf fields, zones for tennis, pickleball and other sports: high-class private school, medical center, car wash, post office, dog park. Also there is the closed Fisher Island Club, which members have specific privileges, separate area for living and meetings.

Deciding to buy a condo or apartment here you don’t need to worry about transport: inside the community you can use golf carts. And if you want to get to Miami - no need to have a private boat. You can use public boats - ferry - that work 24 hours and leave every 10-15 minutes. Only 7 minutes - and you and your car are already on South Beach. 

Safety. There are no recorded crimes on the island at all. 24 hours every day the police station is working - a professional team looking after the safety of the residences with the help of high-resolution video cameras and regular tour of the island.

Investment attractiveness. As we said, condos and apartments for sale here are one of the most expensive in the USA. But it is reasonable: there are only 800 residences here. The territory is limited, so with time the real estate in the community will cost higher and higher. So it means you shouldn’t worry about losing your money - over time a condo or apartments you decide to buy will have a higher price in any case. 

Fisher Island offers more condos than houses. All condos and apartments on Fisher Island are built more or less in the same style to suit the exact level of premium and quality. Most listings offer large residences with 3+ rooms and more that 3 000 sf. So for those who buy condos and apartments here it's a good replacement for a private house on Fisher Island, but with a higher level of security and services. 

If you even prefer to live in the community only during some season - you will find tenants easily. A lot of rich people tend to live here for some time or just come for the rest, business meetings. So you won’t lose anything.

Luxury Character. In spite of the limited amount of services, everything you want to use on the Fisher Island has unprecedented high quality. Beginning from the well-equipped common zones and clean white beaches, ending the services of the Fisher Island Club and quality of all residences, in spite of price and size. There are a lot of famous people who live here - so you will have good company to spend time with and maybe even find new partners.

What do we offer?

We have no aim to sell you the most expensive variant - we want you to buy a condo or apartments on Fisher Island you really like and that matches your preferences and expectations. Mondial Realty provides full support: from finding the best listing for you till the conclusion of an agreement for the purchase.