Houses for rent on Fisher Island

Fisher Island is well-known not only for its luxury closed character, but also the most expensive real estate in the USA. Why is it like this? There are several reasons for you to understand: if you’re looking for a house for rent on Fisher Island - it is better to choose now. Because extremely high prices become higher and higher.

Why are houses for rent on Fisher Island still getting more expensive?

Limited listings. If you think that the offer is very low, you’re not right - it’s extremely low. There’re only 800 residences on the island. Soon it will be finished the last 12 single-family houses on the island. And it will be the most expensive real estate here: $33 mln for the house with 10 000 sq.ft size. And imagine what it will be after, when the amount of the buildings stay stable, but supply still rise?

And we’re talking now not only about sale - also about houses for rent on Fisher Island. The situation will be the same: rich people will want to live here more and more often because of the privacy, high-end services, good location and safety. So if you think about renting the house here - hurry up.

VIP Character. Despite the small territory there are everything you need for comfortable everyday life: markets and restaurants, sport clubs and spaces for bicycles, walking, running; schools and spaces for children, bank and post office, medical center, 24/7 security and even dog park. 

In any case if you rent a house on Fisher Island and feel the lack of some goods - you can go to the midland any time. Even without a private boat. Publick ferry will bring you to the South Beach of Miami in 7 minutes. And inside the island you can use bicycles or golf carts as a main transport.

Why to choose a house for rent on Fisher Island?

House is about an individual space and a high level of privacy. This variant suits people who are ready to sacrifice some level of safety and services but not to be depended on by neighbors. And additionally - to have a private yard for the rest, sport and any other activities. 

So if you’re ready to choose your variant - Mondial Realty is ready to help you. We have good offers about houses for rent on Fisher Island and want to help you to find yours one. That suits your preferences on budget, location, size, equipment.