Houses for sale on Fisher Island

One of the most luxury USA locations - Fisher Island - is located less than 2 miles from Downtown Miami and South Beach. Yes, houses for sale on Fisher Island are one of the most expensive in the country. But if you count the high level of services, great safety, limited real estate offer and all the time rising supply - you understand the prices easily.

Limited real estate offer. There are only 800 residences here. Because of the small territory there are no such huge opportunities to build more and more houses for sale on Fisher Island. Now the last 12 single-family homes will be built here. And by final price it will be the most expensive offer on the Island. Count: each house will have about 10 000 sq.ft . The price per sq.ft. is $3 300. So the general cost of each building will be $33 million. 

So if you count the tendention, over time a house you decide to buy will be more and more expensive. The supply stays only higher: a lot of rich people and tax law refugees from NY and NJ want to move here and buy some property. Especially now - after the pandemy and world crisis, when desire to have an extremely private, safe place with high-class services rising every day.

Safety. There are no recorded and reported crimes throughout the history of the Irland. The Fisher Island Public Safety Department and The Fisher Island fire station look after the safety of the community 24/7. Video Cameras are everywhere. And in any case: not everybody can come to the island - only by invitation of other residences.

Infrastructure. The island has very small territory - 216 acres only. But even for such size there are a lot of services here. Bank, post office, several high-class restaurants, grocery store, emergency, well-equipped beaches, zones for kids and sport. There is a school, the library, golf fields, hotels, tennis courts and spa center, place for making conferences, several parks and a well-groomed city center.

Yes, there are no pharmacies. But if you decide to buy a house on Fisher Island, in the local supermarket you can find the most needed products and stuff. If you need more - you can come to the midland. You even don’t need the private boat - public ferry works 24/7 and leaves every 10-15 minutes. It takes only 7 minutes to get to the South Beach. 

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