Houses for sale in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a quite small city, but very comfortable for those who decided to live here. Despite the size, you get well-developed infrastructure, excellent transport connection, high-end services and real estate and several bigger locations nearby. We offer a big amount of houses for sale in Miami Beach — so you can choose a variant that suits you by size, price, style and other characteristics. 

19 days ago

Why is buying a house in Miami Beach a good choice? 

Perspectives. House in Miami Beach is a good variant both — for living or long-term investment. Prices for real estate here are rising all the time because of popularity among tourists, businessmen and those who want to move to the state with lower taxes and good opportunities for work and education. There are a lot of public and high-class private schools, several colleges and university. In any case, Miami City is only 10-15 minutes away by car or bus, and, of course, opportunities for education, business and work are much bigger there. 

Good location. Miami Beach is a number of natural and man-made islands with good connection between each other and with midland. There are several big roads if you want to use the car, metrobuses with a large number of routes and a lot of public bicycle stations. It takes 10-15 minutes to go to the Miami City and International Airport of Miami — not only by own car, but also with public buses that go every day even at night.

What is inside the city? Full number of services. So if you decide to buy a house in Miami Beach, you can visit high-end restaurants and shopping centers, take a rest on golf fields, clean beaches or in well-equipped parks, in museums or cinemas, and join different cultural events. If you like art — Art Deco District with the biggest number of architecture in this style will be interesting for you, the same as the annual art festival here. Also there is a big medical center here, several pharmacies, music and art studios, spots for children, dogs and different sport games. 

Good community. Therefore you won’t worry about your safety and privacy — you can just relax and enjoy a high class style of life.

So decided to buy a house in Miami Beach? So it’s time to call Mondial Realty to find reliable partners, who will help you on every stage: from searching the best listing till signing up the contract.