Houses for sale in Bal Harbour

Deciding to buy a house in Bal Harbour, you chose a perfect location with developed infrastructure, small population and great connection with the other part of Miami. At the same time, you choose stability and good perspectives for investments. So if you wish to live in this calm, but well-developed place – we’ll help you to choose the best house for sale in Bal Harbour.

3 reasons to buy a house in Bal Harbour

Perspectives. The prices for real estate here are rising now. And we’re sure – the same tendention will be preserved for a long time. Why? Because more and more people want to move to Miami. And Bal Harbour is a good destination to be close to the epicenter of business and entertainment life from the one hand and use all the privileges of a small village with high-educated neighbors, whom you will fully know over one month. So it means this variant is really good both – for safe private life with a family or just for investment and reselling your real estate over several years.

Calm high-class life. The location is really safe – there are no records about crimes. The community is small, the number of constant residents is even less – part of them live in their own houses here only several months a year. Of course, if you decide to buy the house in Bal Harbour, you won’t get the same level of safety as in closed residence complexes. But in any case you’ll get well-secured territory with cameras around, good neighbors and high privacy – you can do what you wish in your own house and yard.  

Good location. There are 2 big roads connecting Bal Harbour with North Miami from the one side and Sunny Isles Beach from the other. You can use your own car or public bus to get to the needed destination. But despite the size, you’ll find everything you need in Bal Harbour: places for the rest, high-class restaurants, shopping center, museum, clinic. 

So are you ready to buy a house in Bal Harbour? Write or call us – and we’ll offer the best variant exactly for your wishes about price, style, size, number of rooms.